Shopping In SoHo

After seeing the old 1904 built City Hall Terminus Station on the 6 train, my friend and I went shopping in Soho, Manhattan. When we got off the train at Spring St, everything was closed except for Banana Republic and some other stores. So we went into Banana Republic to look around. We found a funny Coca-Cola shirt in their Metro Collection.

After Banana Republic we went to Uniqlo. It was my friend’s first time, and we had a blast. We bought a lot of stuff. Some graphic t-shirts, a nice over-coat, and  all for a great price. The service was great there, and we had a good time in the Uniqlo Undercover section of the store.

After Uniqlo we went to American Eagle. We love American Eagle, it was my second time there. I went there for the first time earlier this year when a friend said that I should go check it out. So I did and now my dresser is full of colorful t-shirts.

After Uniqlo we went to Prada. Wow! What a store. The service was welcoming, even though we weren’t dressed that appropriately for that shop. I had never been to a Prada shop in my entire life, and I was mind-blown. They still had the flame shoes from the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. I enjoyed every bit of that store. The accessories to the dresses, that store was amazing.

Well, that concludes our wonderful shopping day in SoHo.

Details on the City Hall Terminus Station coming up soon.


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