Unapologetically Loud



This is one of Rihanna’s 7 covers for COMPLEX MAGAZINE! Each cover represents one of the Barbadian singers 7 albums. This one, titled, “Unapologetically Loud”, is suppose to represent Rihanna’s fifth album, LOUD.


Eva Simons ia a Renegade

Eva-Simons-Fuzion-Magazine Eva-Simons-Fuzion-Magazine-3 Eva-Simons-Fuzion-Magazine-4 Eva-Simons-Fuzion-Magazine-6 Eva-Simons-Fuzion-Magazine-7 Eva-Simons-Fuzion-Magazine-8 Eva-Simons-Fuzion-Magazine-9


I know I love Eva Simons. Here’s her shoot with FUZION MAGAZINE!

Winter Paradise

H&M did their regular fall campaign with alternative songstress Lana Del Rey. Our Christmas present from them, the Holiday Ad Campaign with Lana Del Rey.

lana-del-rey-h&m-holiday-campaign-01 lana-del-rey-h&m-holiday-campaign-02 lana-del-rey-h&m-holiday-campaign-03 lana-del-rey-h&m-holiday-campaign-04 lana-del-rey-h&m-holiday-campaign-07 lana-del-rey-h&m-holiday-campaign-08


Photos from Just Jared. Also check out Lana Del Rey’s newest album Paradise. It is full of absolute perfection from the beginning to the end!