claire04We Love Grimes as well! Canadian native Claire Boucher a.k.a. Grimes is so cool. Her dark electro dance beats with high, sweet, light vocals are killer. Our favorites, “Oblivion” and “Genesis”.



File6198I love Lana Del Rey! Her music is so life – changing. Since her music so do deep, and the things she writes about are super dark, it takes to this world where your problems don’t matter anymore. Her music is great if your going through heartbreak, because some of her songs (like “Summertime Sadness”) are about heartbreak and how hard her heartbreaks may be. With the release of her second LP, Paradise, Lana now has a vast ray of music. And she makes mix-tapes in her free time! So there’s tons of content on

Music Of The Week, July 29th: P!nk

P!nk is making her big comeback after taking a break to raise her child. When her new hit single, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”, came out this past week, it didn’t take long for it to place itself on the top charts. You have to check out this single because it rocks!

We’ve Got News

June is Guys Month, and guess what July is. Band Month!!!! And guess who’s our first star of the week in July! One Direction!!!!! And now, all of you fans get to control what we put in our description. Comment on what you know about them (some cool fun facts, like their secret talents). We hope you like it.