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Music Of The Week, June 25th: Marina & The Diamonds

When we first heard Marina & The Diamonds song “Primadonna” on the radio, we loved it. It was catchy and fun to dance to, but we were like who are Marina & The Diamonds. Marina & The Diamonds is one person who’s name is Marina Diamandis. She was born in Whales to Greek & Welch parents. She is often said to be from Ancient Greece, which she was but she was not born there.

Marina & The Diamonds released an album in 2010 called The Family Jewels, which included her hit “I Am Not A Robot”. Marina also performed at the 2010 iTunes Music Festival in London. We found a single cover (or album cover possibly) with the name of “Electra Heart”. Pictures of “Priamdonna” and “Electra Heart” below.

In The Depths Of The City

I had been anxious for the weekend to come for one reason only. I wanted to take the Downtown 6 train to the old City Hall Station. Built in 1904, this lovely curved station was the crown jewel of the “Main Manhattan Line”, but was shut down in 1945, seeing only 600 people used it a day.

Now this old station lies down in the subway tunnels, lit by natural sunlight.

So my friend and I got on the Downtown 6 train at Brooklyn Bridge/ City Hall Station. When the doors closed we were off. The train made a series of turns and then… BOOM! We say the platform of the station. My friend and I squealed with excitement. Although it was too dark to take pictures, we had a great time. Look at somebody else’s pictures they took of the station below.

A picture of the station

] The second floor of the station

The main entrance off the platform

A skylight in the station

There have been many debates on what to do with this old station. Some people suggest that it should be turned into a transit museum. I think it should.